• Jan 7, 2023
  • Worldwide

Ride the Deepest Wave With ASIWO
With smooth propulsion, fast travel, and safe usage, ASIWO will let you explore the sea like never before.
The Manta S Underwater scooter can be used in waters as deep as 50m (164ft) so that you can explore the sea the way it deserves to be explored! You can swim alongside the fishes with a speed of up to 1.5m/s (4.9ft/s) and can instantly regulate your speed with an easy 3-gear mechanism.
Designed to be safe for both adults and kids, the propellers are fully encased to prevent any contact with the user. If you lose your grip, the scooter automatically shuts down and floats to the water surface. It also has a safety lock to prevent any misuse
Weighing at just 9.7lbs, the Manta S underwater scooter is lighter than even water. Thanks to its feathery, buoyant build, it automatically floats to the water surface when not in use. The compact size makes it possible to carry it in a handbag. You can even carry it on a plane!

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